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Step-By-Step How To Solve A Linear Equation In One Variable

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Here is a list of steps to remember when solving Linear Equations in One Variable.

You may want to become familiar with these steps, each one on its own before putting them all together!

STEP 1: Clear fractions. Get rid of any fractions you see in the original equation by multiplying each side by the least common denominator.

STEP 2: Simplify each side. Use the distributive property to get rid of parentheses and/or combine like terms as necessary.

STEP 3: Isolate the variable terms (often "x") on one side. Use varying properties to get all terms with variables on one side of the equation, with all nubers on the other.

STEP 4: Isolate the variable. Use properties to get an equation with just the variable on one side.

STEP 5: CHECK your solution. Substitute your answer back into the ORIGINAL equation to make sure it is correct.

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